Friday, April 15, 2011

Pretty Carving Detail

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Solemn Gratitude

I've always being taught to be grateful by my parents. My favorite part of Oscar moment is when the award receiver gave their thank you speech. Of course this silly-vain pot- 'ol me since the age of 9 has been imagining this particular moment, delivering my own thank you speech while holding this monumental award (a Mrs. Buttersworth syrup bottle in my reality) wearing a sparkly designer gown, cladded with Dame Elizabeth's worth of rocks, and glorious make-up and hairdo. As a child even as an adult I enjoyed this kind of silly portrayal in my head from time to time. Don't we all? Dont't lie! It is definately a self loving-guilt-free pleasure gesture, definately a fast fix to a self-ego stroke. Sounds pathetic? Na-ah! I can tell you why. Now, there is a new spin to this old repertoire. As a child we all dreamed, hoping that someday when we grow up we would become someone uber cool, successful, or grown up to be someone who we idolized. Along the journey to adulthood, this little child will experience different things, bombarded with series of events, met individuals who are eventually influence or got influenced by our own existence. Eventually this little child becomes his/her own unique adult being. Sadly, sometimes as a result of this cruel world, this little child does not exists within anymore. It all begins with disappointments towards other individuals, then frustration came and it turns into a depression, bitterness arrived clouding minds, hindering growth, sunshine and sucking-up all the joy in life. There are many self-help books and tips on "How to be happy" and "How to forgive" out there. I confess I've read some of them in attempt to fix my dark moments. Come on don't laugh! I know a lot of you guys must have read it too at least once in your life. From all of those thousands tips on how to be happy, there is one particular point that clings to me. It is how we have to be thankful. Especially to be thankful for series of events which involves people that you met along your own journey. So, I've came out with my own list of people to thank for every single day. I listed their name in my little black book in private and put down what I thank them for. Basically it's like building your own little "Thank you lists for your own award acceptance", but the difference is that this list will not get publicized. But, hey it may came up handy in the future if you need them for an award ceremony! You can either say thank you for people who inspires you, help you, all the way to the individuals who pisses you off and because of them you are becoming the now your fabulous self. For example: Thank you ex-boss who always inspires me, now that I always look back to our creative moments together whenever I felt un-creative or Thank you ex-boyfriend for being a true you (a.k.a jerk) that now I am now with this new "oh so cool non-jerk" boyfriend. One other example from small events in our daily life; Barista at coffee shop you pisses me off because you move so slow I almost climb the counter to take over your job and fix my own coffee, but Thank you for being slow because I have a moment to realize that I have to learn to be more patient to other patron. Each day, or from time to time you will add new names and pray for them in private, thankful for their existence, thankful for series of events that happened as the outcome of interaction with them and finally say thank you to the Creator. I've been doing this and it helped me to come down to earth and I can see clearly that things happens for a reason. It is definitely a moment of "Chill, breathe and reflect", and slowly happiness creeps into your life. Happy Sunday EVERYBODY!! Thank you all for reading, now I need to practice my own thank you speech *reaching Mrs.Butterworth's syrup bottle* Teeheeee! the spirit of gratitude I found this gorgeous DIY thank you note. Plus chill music for your relaxing sunday from my new fav band KOOP.