Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crystal Rock Bathtub by Italian Company Baldi

This is what I call MAJOR! This bathtub is carved from a gigantic chunk of crystal rock found at Amazon rain forest. Took them 6 months to carved out the bathtub using diamond cutters. A must have if you are A)A hippy with lots of moolah, B) Superman, C) Victoria Beckham ( don't ask me why, I can totally see her in it with her Beck if England won the World Cup).
Source via Gizmodo. Read more here...

Ps: Thanks to RJ Nauta to point this out to me.
Ps#2: So England got it's ass kicked by Germany last Crystal Rock Bathtub for you Vicky! boohooo....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chic Blue "Bajaj" by Italian Piaggio

If you are not from Jakarta or Indonesian you might be wondering what I meant by Bajaj. Bajaj is an inexpensive alternative form of transportation in Jakarta, India and Bangkok (called tuk tuk in Bangkok). It's machine is always been made by Piaggio/Vespa with inexpensive made body. This image of Blue Bajaj is the Pimped-out version of it's older sisters, blinged with polished chromed metals, and white leather seats. I will need to find out more about its detailed specs later on. I would love to try to drive around the busy streets of Jakarta in this just for the fun of it. I wonder if the machine "purrs" softer than its loud mouthed sister. ;)
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