Monday, September 28, 2009

Chicago's New Hospitality Gem, Elysian Hotel.

Main Lobby

Living Room @ Guest Suites

Bedroom@ Guest Suites
with Custom Designed 460 Threadcount Italian Cotton Sheets

Classic Carrara Marble Cladded Bathtub

Custom Designed Vanity with TV Mirror @ Bathroom

Would you like to experience "Joie de Vivre" kind of life just like the Gods and Goddesses at the Elysian Field? fellow mortals you don't have to go too far. Chicago has a new gem called the Elysian Hotel. Designed with Parisian style sophistication in mind, inspired by the 20's and 30's glamour period and couture pioneers like Chanel and Dior, this place is definately the "bling" of the town.. Yeah Donald, you better watch out for this new kid on the block (literally it is just located blocks away from the Trump Tower). Under the direction of Lisa Simeone and Gina Deary of Simeone Deary Design Group, this property is definately a success story. This project has been the darling of this Chicago based interior design boutique firm since day one when the client, David Pisor, decided to trust his vision transformed into reality. Months of travelings in Europe and nights of dwellings at fabulous hotels was definately the epiphany moments for Pisor and partners. At Simeone Deary Design Group is where I used to work at and being involved in this project since my early days as a fresh graduate. I remember those restless nights thinking about Austrian crystals vs glass crystals for the starbust chandelier at the lobby, tossing and turning, talking in my sleep " See this crystal? This one doesn't have any lead content in it! That is why it doesn't sparkle, and this one is GEOORRGEOUZZ coz it has 30% lead content in it! Ben, The lacquer finish is not glossy enough, 70% glossiness at least please and..its's too yellow :(. More shine please, yes POLISHED CHROME thats what the spec said right???" Hahahaha.....Yes...those days ;) but hey I really enjoyed the excitements, stresses, the ups and downs and at the end of the day I gained more expriences than what anyone could get in 4 years time. Elysian was everyone's "baby" and it was definately mine as well. Man, I felt like we were giving birth and raising a baby Elysian as a Chicagoan debutante and finally now it is ready for it's Debutante Ball. Congratulations to everyone, finally after great 4 years this property is ready for its debut at the end of this year. A huge thank you to my former boss ladies and mentors, Lisa Simeone and Gina Deary. I left SDDG earlier this year to persue a new venture starting my own firm, Domisilium Studio, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Now, looking back all I can do is smile, thinking how grateful I am that I was able to be a part of something BEAUTIFUL!!
Ps: The NEW Marc Jacobs flagship store is just located at the lobby level.

Click below for more publications of the Elysian Hotel:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nervous System Jewelry- A Couture take on Science.

Dendrite Brooch

I came across this stunning blog called Nervous System who also creates a biomimicry shaped jewelry line. Started by two MIT graduates of Biology, Architecture and Maths , their design is focusing on generative design methots using both algorithmic and physical tools. Attracted to complex and unconventional geometries their inspirations came from natural forms around us. I love how they all have this delicate and pristine quality to it. It is a couture take on science. A great conversation starter piece at parties. When a cute geeky boy asks, "Oh I how love your lovely necklace, what is it?", then I answered, "Owh...this is a Radiolaria, it is an amoeboid protozoa that produce intricate mineral skeletons....blablablabla....," For sure I need to do my research first on Wikipedia prior to be able to impress this boy ;). Hahaha...Oh dear, but nevertheless I'm in love with these blings. Brava to these fab duo Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg. To shop, click here for the Etsy shop. All pictures via Nervous System.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

LAKA-LÉKÉ - A Hideaway Restaurant in Ubud, Bali

Hello dahlings....A couple of days after a relaxing mini vacay in Bali, one of our clients demanded an impromptu business trip to Singapore due to "rush-in" earlier construction schedule. Exhausted, with sun-burned shoulders, tanned and glowing ;) off we went to Singapore VIA BATAM!! Can you believe that? The client couldn't find us a better ticket because of the Idul Fitri weekend. Normally it took us 1.5 hour on a direct flight from Jakarta but this time it took us 6 hours!!! Having to have to fly to Batam first then taking the Ferry to Singapore put us in a "not so peachy mood" but hey we decided to NOT get stressed, take the "Chill Pill", in other words we are taking our own sweet time not to mention the delays, etc. (ps: watching BRUNO on flights is not the smartest idea but we needed the laugh. We switched to 2nd season of True Bloods after we reached our teary eyed laughing quota). Anyhooooo....This is why it took me a week to be able to post about Bali.
FYI I'm in LOVE with Bali once all over again. Just like when the first time I went there years ago. This time, we went to one of my most fav places, Lake-Leke. It is basically just a simply gorgeous outdoor concept restaurant in the middle of lush green rice paddy field in Ubud by The Monkey Forest area.
Welcome to Laka-Leke!!
The name itself means Hideaway. It was a perfect hideaway for me.
We were welcomed by this little guy at the entrance of the property.

My new fav drink. A new take on the classic Hot Toddy. We ordered them as Iced Hot Toddy and it was divine!!!

The Famous Crispy Duck Rice. The best!
Half a duck steamed in Balinese spices, then deep fried until crispy. Served with white rice and Lawar; a steamed mixed vegetable with coconut shreds and fragrant spices.

Imagine taking a nap surrounded by this? On a warm sunny day, soft breeze carresing your face. What more you could ask?

So, I TOTALLY recomend this place if you arein Bali. This is what you have to do while you are there during lunch time, in order! but not necessarily:
1. Take a table on one of the Bale-bales (one of the Balinese style pavilions) so you can seat lotus style. Seating on balinese "tatami" so you can recline after a hefty meal. Balinese are famous for knowing how to live well, they are one of the coolest and chillest people on earth ;)
2. Order the Iced Hot Toddy to cool down the heat in your body.
3. Order the Famous Crispy Duck. Be ready to eat with your fingers, don't use utensils. Wash your hands first ofcourse. It is yummier this way!
4. Get the house specialty of Black Rice Pudding for dessert, we couln't get our paws on this dessert because they were sold-out but I heard people are raving about it.
5. Enjoy the feast in the middle of green rice paddy field. Our pavilion was next to a lotus pond as well with some blooming lotus flowers in it. The woman who waited our table really cool as well, you can ask them so many questions. We had a pretty interesting discussion about the restaurant's concept and background.
6. Recline on the Bale bale, after the feast. Close your eyes and take a nap. feel the soft breeze carresing your face and hear the birds chirps, in the meddle of the quite rice paddy field. AAAAhhh....this is my CHILLEX pill, my catnip...pprrrr......
Here is the address of Laka-Leke you happen to be in the Bali hood:
Nyuh Kuning
Ubud, Bali 80571
phn: +62 361 977565
ps: Pictures above was taken by my partner in crime, an architect, my business partner and a dear friend of mine, Hamphrey Tedja.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bali...baliiii BAALIII!!!!

Yes! After being in Jakarta for 6 months we finally have time to visit one of my fav heavenly places in the world, BAAALIIIII. We've been working so hard for the past 4 months taking care of our new budding design firm, Domisilium Studio, we finally decided to take a break. A 4 days and 3 nights trip is good enough to recharge. Plus we got a sweet deal on a villa by Kuta Beach. Thanks to our sweet friend, Hank! There are alot of things that we want to see in BAli this time, I guess we will be infusing a little bit of business with our pleasure. Apparently, property business is booming like crazy in this little Island of Gods and we are there to peek some new opportunies as well. We'll see how things goes. I promise you guys for some kick ass pictures when we got back from our mini vacay. I took above photos on my previous trip there when I was still based in Chicago. I can't wait until tommorow! Ok then, it's time for Blackberry detox, phone off, and I'm leaving my laptop home (this is hard but i will try). 'aight bunnies, see you guys next week. Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Calatrava Blues

Pics by 181st Child/ Domisilium Studio
These pictures was taken when I was still in design school. Me and a friend went to Milwaukee to see Milwaukee Art Museum for a research on Santiago Calatrava's work. It was for Advance Detailing class we HAD to take. I remember very very well that class. I also remember how cute it was to have a crush on some rockstar Architect like Calatrava. I still find him pretty hot now hehehe.....Today I have this nostalgic feeling about when I was a student. I was a dreamer, full of energy, life and hungry for knowledge. Everything you see seems to be very cool. My eyes were so easy to please. Now, we are all in professional world and we tend to forgot those excitements. I always look at this picture whenever I'm in need for some "jolt" of life. I love the blue colors on these pictures, even thou the original building was all white, but anyhoooo....this is a perfect memory I want to preserve. I have to be young and alive at heart no matter what. Don't we all need to feel that way Dahhliinngsss??? Ahh...I need to purchase some more potions, these dark circles are bugging me. Toodles!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ankasa + Loro Piana = A Perfect Cashmere Blankie!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everybody! I was browsing one of my fav blogs out there, The Paris Apartment, and fell in love instantly with this contrasting Embroidered detail on super soft cashmere throw. I believe you can get this throw from Ankasa but the cashmere cloth supplied by the famous Italian household name, Loro Piana. It is a marriage of 2 gorgeous things in 1 thing, how perfectly glamorous that could be?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Woo...oOOoo....I Yike This Bike!!

Just another toy I want when I have an extra pocket change of 3,500 Euros to spend. HA! I love how you could look so cool while riding it, the bike itself is so much better looking than Segway. This is an Uber cool Luxurious Urban transport. AND the most important thing, no sweat baby! No SWEAT! See and read more HERE.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sexy Penny Rounds

Ladies and Gents, A new take on Penny Round Mosaic Tiles by Italian manufacturer Lea Ceramiche!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some Anthropologie Re-education

pics via Anthropologie
It is the beginning of September now and I'm in a transition where I got confuse with how fashion works over here in Jakarta after spending so many years living in 4 season country. I've been wearing a lots of caftan tops, summer dresses, jeans and T-shirts since February and I'm in need to re-educate myself in my wardrobe management system. I miss my yummy sweaters and scarves in cool Autumn weather. Ahh.....So my solution for this dilema is to wear my simple linen dresses with these statement pieces to cheer me up. Look at Anthropologie's fall jewelries collection this year, they are just stunning. And the color would still works for a warmer holiday season over here.
ps: my other resolution would be peeking our neighbour, Australia, for some fashion inspiration. That would be an interesting research. Some beach days in December wouldn't hurt at all ;) Sidney, be prepared I might come over there soon enough!