Monday, August 23, 2010

La Villa, Paris

Dahhlinng.....some people might say that this restaurant/ piano bar/ cocktail place looks like a chic retirement home but I think this place is rather dashing and romantic. I love how they use "Agent Provocateur" pinks here and there tastefully. Loving the simple graphic on the ceiling and body landscape artwork across the bar. Please stop by if you happened to be in the Paris.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sorry for being MIA!

Picture by Hamphrey Tedja taken somewhere in Bangkok when we were out drinking or something, I don't remember much about this picture but it is pretty hahahahah.....

Sorry my dear bunnies, I suddenly went MIA because:
a. So busy and occupied with finishing lots of work before I went on vacation.
b. I was having my week long vacation in Bangkok.
c. I had to leave for Lombok Island barely 24 hours after I came back from Bangkok for my beautiful cousin's beach wedding with a cool Italian gentleman.
d. Slammed with more work after I came back from the wedding.
e. my body is really mad at me and I had to stay at home and sleep.

so.....I owe you guys a lot of things from Lombok and Bangkok coming soon...