Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Defender of Pure White Walls ;)

White is pure, white is calm, wear white clothing during the day coz it gives you good aura and positive energy. I always love to use white in designs but usually my client will go againts me, especially the hospitality clients. Yes I will usualy defend myself and the battle is not avoidable. It depends on who is the client, either I win or they win ;) anyhoo, at the end we always choose the happy medium. Uhhu....I'm quite a diplomate when defending my designs, I always put clients' best interest first ofcourse. Nevertheless, I always decorate my own room with lots of white and just a pop of accent color. White can look very boring and plain if not used appropriately. Adding textures, interesting shapes and a pop of color here and there will do the trick. Above are some of my fav pictures I love from the past and I happen to forgot where i got them from. If anyone knows who these belongs to please let me know and please thank them for me. Have a great weekend! Ciao!

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