Wednesday, January 20, 2010

El Palauet- Luxury Apartment for Rent in Barcelona

Pictures via The Cool Hunter
If you are someone who loves to pretend to be the citizen of the visited place, wanting a home away from home and pampered by 24/7 stand-by staffing who will look after you. Renting an apartment complete with its 5 star hotel-like services is the answer. When in Barcelona, you would want to check out this piece of jewel, El Palauet. Situated in the elegant modernist 1906's building this apartment is a perfect marriage between tradition and modern sensibility. But to be able to stay here you must: a. have minimum stay of 3 nights, b. love oplulence, c. have tons of moolah! A nice piece of property for glamorous globe trotter of the world.


  1. Staying in a luxury apartment is a good choice for an elegant adventure.