Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hottest White Shirts by Proklamasi

White shirt is my usually go-to- staple when I have no idea what to wear, in fact I was addicted. My best friend had to stop me from buying white shirts when she saw my then color coordinated walk-in closet. That was a long time ago when I was in college. This weekend I went to Brightspot Market and found this label called PROKLAMASI which is literally means freedom in Indonesian. And...YESSSIIRR my old addiction to white shirts was resurfacing again. So, I decided to buy one, shirt, style number#1 with beautiful over sized cowl necks (see picture above). The cut was great, the material is soft and perfect for humid and hot weather in Jakarta and this shirt can go from office straight to cocktail. You can dress it up and down. Endless possibilities. What's really cool about it also, because it is designed and produced in Indonesia. Hell yeah...I can be pretty patriotic and I ain't got any shame! I guess I'm pretty much hooked-up with this label. Thank you girlfriend (I am 100% positively sure the designer is a girl)!! Whoever you are the genius behind this label :) Looking forward to getting more.....and more...and more...stylish white shirts!!!


  1. Dear Girlfriend,

    Yes, I'm a girl, and I'm sooo happy to know the fact that you like my label.

    Welcome home, and thank you for liberating your style.

    Looking forward to see your picture in Proklamasi!

  2. Proklamasi Girl,
    Gimme a shout when u r coming out with new designs! I'm officially a fan!