Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ardistia New York

I got this one in Cream, very appropriate for Christmas a la tropicale!

This one screams VAVAVOOMM!!!

OMG it is HOLIDAY SEASON!!!! Don't be afraid, I've prepared myself with pretty new dresses I brought from my new friend NYC Fashion Designer, Disti. She is the designer of her own fabulous line called Ardistia New York, which I LOVE! So, the coveting of these 2 new dresses came with a story. I was at my friend's, Gita, Wedding in Bali last October, I barely knew anyone so I went there with my partner in crime Hamphrey. All night long we were just drinking wines people watching and bashing fest "Joan Rivers" style. Then, Disti came to picture in her pink and black long dress with cute modern take of traditional ribbons detail and Hamphrey was like, "Omg, LOVE that dress, honey, you should ask her where she got it from? I answered, "Honey, I'm too classy to do that?!". After drinkies of blanc, rouge and rose, it was time for the WEDDING DANCE!!!! We were happy and tipsy, everything went so fast. Gita called me to her table, introduce me to her husband, Gita introduce me to her single friends and finally to Disti!! Without hesitating I said this to her, "Hi I'm Santi, nice to meet you. I like your dress, where did you get it?" HA!!!! hahahah....so much for being classy. So that was the beginning of me befriending her, we talk all night about her line, and how I miss New York, envied her that she still lives there, traveling back and forth several times a year to Jakarta. She showed me a little pamphlet containing her latest Sp2011 collection and before we know it she invited me to her trunk show in Jakarta. And I was totally in loooooveeee with everything she has, how incredible the quality and design is, totally my cup o tea. So that's how I got these 2 dresses above at the trunk show. Please visit her website at www.ardistianewyork.com


  1. Beautiful dresses!



  2. fabulous style...great colors too!
    happy new year!