Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alvin T

The Bell Chair. Photo Via alvin-t.com

Alvin T, Indonesia's product design community hottest talent. Graduated from Melbourne's RMIT in 2004 , Alvin T has been unstoppable since the day he graduated. The first time I saw his work, it was back in 2006 at an export furniture show in Jakarta. I was amazed how fresh his design approach and craftmenships, which in my opinion resembles what you could find from Italian manufacturer. He created the Bell Chair while he was still a student and it was selected to be exhibited in one of the world’s leading furniture fair, Milan Salone Satellite in 2005. He is currently taking a sabbatical and enrolled in a Master degree program at Instituto Europeo de Diseno in Spain. I'm very excited to see what would be the future of Indonesian design industry filled with local talents such as Alvin T. This insight is giving me a more positive note about design industry in my own country. I will be leaving US in a month from today, wish me luck now I'm ready to pursue something bigger and better in my own motherland.

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