Friday, May 22, 2009

Ivy Penthouse- Sexy Poison Ivy from Down Under

Since I moved back to Jakarta, I became more and more attracted to Australian sense of design. They are so much more fresh, daring and vibrant, very different indeedthan anything else under the sun. One of the latest establishments from Down Under is The Ivy Penthouse, just opened last April in Sidney. For the past years, hoteliers began to "pimped-up" their establishements to have more of that residential feel. So far, The Ivy Penthouse is one of the most successful hotel in domesticating its look, definately one of the bestests. Accroding to Vogue Living Austrlaia, it has the combo of Palm Springs meets the James Bond houses style. YES, I do agree that It has this sexy suave, swanky sophisticated bachelor's penthouse look which I adore. Infact, 36 years old Justin Hemmes of Merivale Company is the brain-child behind this dig. A pretty yummy looking Aussie bloke I say *wink wink* I'm also in love with the way they gilded the place with Travertine all over the place, it is just GORGE!!! To book one of The Ivy Penthouses, click here. The list of the talented people worked in this project are: Woods Bagot (architect), Hecker Phelan& Guthrie (interior designers), and Daniel Baffsky of 360 Degrees.

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