Saturday, July 25, 2009

"The September Issue", Movie about Vogue and Anna Wintour

OOhhhh....Anna...annna....aaannnnaaa....I love her coz she is mean and fabulous! ;) "The September Issue" is the most important issue of the year in fashion, it is the beginning of Fall, going back to school season, the begining of the holiday season which season people!!!!! and Christmas!! OH is only 5 months away! Personally, I trully admire her working ethic, discipline, determination and style. Her strong personalities made her a "bitch monster", but at the end of the day it also made her and her magazine to be the most successful institution in Fashion. I love this quote of hers "There is something about fashion that makes people very nervous" and another one "Fashion is not about looking back, it's about looking forward". Can't wait to see this movie. It is full of juicy gossips, intrique, and dirty secrets behind the those chic and glossy Vogue mag cover. Delicious! MHUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!! *evil laugh*

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