Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yes Ma, I'm in Love with Ribbons!

Image via a Cup of Jo

Loving these ribbon inspired Lanvin last year's collection. Well Done Alber! Image Via fashion156

Carolina Herrera Spring 2009 collection.

I used to be traumatized by ribbons when I was little. "Mom, puhhleeseeeee I'm not a present!" Thats what I used to yell at her while she was chasing me around the house trying to clip a gigantic ribbon on my my ponytail. I usually let her win and giving her the satisfaction of putting that horrible thing on my head. Well, it depends on my mood that day. Some days my cheekyness just drove her over the edge and finally gave up which is this is what happen mosts of the time hahaha.....Anyway... Now all grown-up, older and wiser. I fall for "tastefully done ribbons" ONLY! Remember that. Not the ones that Mom used to chased me around with. Guilty? not really...Puhhleesseee Mom these are couture and just simply divine and strategically placed ;) Ma, I love you but sometimes we just have artistic differences. We'll talk about it over our manicure appointment, 'aight? *wink*

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