Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I took these pictures of awesome snowmans made by kids around my neighbourhood last year in Chicago. These snowpeeps are pretty swell aren't they?

Crazy! Christmas is TOMMOROOOWWWWW. It is hard to feel the spirit of Christmas when you are in the warmer weather country. Well maybe I might get the jolly spirit if I make my effort to go to the malls. But things are just so different here, Christmas in Jakarta is just not the same. I'm so used to the cold weather of Chicago already for the past 10 years of my life. I'm really dreaming of white x'mas this year. compensate this longing feel, I put on my pashmina shawl while it is raining outside. Even thou it is not that cold, I just miss the warm and soft cashmere touch to my neck and drinking hot coco while reading my fav magazine in my own little corner. hmmm......I am flying to Bali today. I will be spending Christmas and New Year in the hot hot weather. Bali is the hottest around this time of the year because the hot summer wind blows from Australia. So Merry Christmas to you all my dolls and bunnies. Stay warm and be safe! *sending all the sunshine and warmth to y'all* HYAAHHH.......

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