Wednesday, December 9, 2009

YwS getting hitched!

So, I went to Bali last weekend to see my friend Yaning getting hitched. It was a fun and beautiful wedding but boohoooo I did not bring my camera to the wedding. Oh Gaws,I hate myself *slap slap slap my own face*. Yaning has an exquisite taste in fashion, she had 3 costume changes during the reception, 1 beautiful custom red satin Chinese Cheong Sam wedding dress hand embroidered for the traditional dowry offering ceremony at the temple and 1 elegant ivory dress for the pre-reception party. Total of 5 dresses in all! fyuh! They all are custom made! They also flew to NY for their prewedding photo sessions. What a life! Oh where is my sugar daddy? DADDDYY!!!! Anyway, I'm trying to get pictures of all of her dress, meanwhile I only have a picture of this GORGEOUS red satin Chinese wedding dress of hers which i LOOVVEEEE so much. Congratulations Yaning my beautiful Dahhhlinggg!!!! Kiss Kiss! more photo of her costume coming. I have to beg her later to let me put her other wedding dresses pictures in here coz I wanna share them with y'all!
Ps: Photos above are courtesy of Yaning Wiriadi herself, I slightly edited the color for a little touch of drama ;) Thanks babe!

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