Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!! & Bon Anniv DOMISILIUM STUDIO!!!

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Easter meant so much more for us than just what it is. Last year around the same time as today, I wrote our very first contract for our maiden project in Jakarta. We actually forgot when was the exact anniversary date of our firm. From what I remember is that we were heading back home from meeting with our first client at a winebar (Social House). We even haven't christened our firm with any name, we need to identify ourself with something isn't it? I was actualy tempted to call ourselves the DYNAMIC DUO, because we are partners in crime!!! (Hamphrey as the Batman and I the Robin) but no, we need something more professional and classier than that! So... in the car, half tipsy (no we did not drink n drive, luckily Hamphrey's driver drove us that night) and trying to think something smart at the same time, we think...and think and think (it's hard to think straight when we are a little tipsy) and then VOILA we came up with DOMISILIUM STUDIO. It literally means home, or the place where we originated in Latin language. Well to think about it, we had to gave up everything that we had in America to come back home where we came from to be with our family and having to start a new life. So, Easter would make a good sense as our anniversary date, it symbolizes a new beginning, rebirth and growth. So here it is Happy Easter and Happy 1st Anniversary to Domisilium Studio! It's been a fun journey with lots of hard work we promised ourselves to keep growing. heeeppp heeppp hurraaahhh!!! Here's to us!! *clink clink*

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  1. Aw this picture is so cute!! I used to have a rabbit!!