Sunday, April 25, 2010

Inacraft 2010, Jakarta

Today we spent 6 hours of our precious sunday at Inacraft. Basically it is the biggest yearly Indonesian handycraft fair in Jakarta which involves hundreds of vendors from all over Indonesia. During that glorious 6 hours we practiced the art of walking thru crazy crowds in zig-zag patterns, screening thru merchandise in a lighting speed, navigating thru giant maze of vendors, juggling with shopping bags and haggling for the best possible price. The results: a $30 yellow phyton snakeskin wallet from bali, 3 embroidered linen fans at $3 each from Surabaya, and 2 stingray man's wallet I bought for gifts at $15 each from Jogja. This is a way to support the local businesses. God I love this country!
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