Friday, December 5, 2008

Extraordinaire Peter Callesen A4 Paper Cut Sculpture

Today, I'm obssesed with paper cut and cut-out sculpture (see earlier post). A friend of mine suggested Peter Callesen as the feature artist of the day. This Danish dude takes paper cutting art to "nirvana" level. His media, just simple white A4 paper. His tool, exacto knife and pencil. The outcome, extremely complicated paper structures with delicate details. Trained as an architect prior to studying for Fine Art made him understood about construction and 3D structures very well. Most of his work matter relates to death, rebirth, self-creation, and self-destruction. His other favorite subject matter is the reinterpretation of classical fairytales associated with a more general interest in memory in connection to childhood. But why paper? Learn more about Peter Callesen and his work here.

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  1. oh yeah ... Peter is the man!!!
    you should have post the bird picture, that one is gorgeous.