Saturday, December 6, 2008


We have cute interns at work, and one of them is Sarah Mina. Yesterday she came up to me and Julie out of nowhere telling us that NOW there is a new term out there for FASHIONISTA. It is called Reccesionista? hmmmm......interesting. She had not had the chance to explain it to me but I did my own research instead, I found tons of blogs with tips on shopping deals, how to not sacrifice beauty during this hard time, etc,etc,etc. YES I agree this is the time to be creative and be as resourceful as we could. I think I'm kinda digging this concept. I will be posting deals and tips from now on, like how to snach a rich silver fox with a pot of gold HAHAHAHA...Well, we'll see. But I will still posting beautiful things to inspire us. We still need to dream, aren't we all? At the end we could all give 2 big MIDDLE FINGERS to recession, the hell with it we will get through this together IN STYLE!!!!!! 'aight dahlings???

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