Monday, December 15, 2008

Smitten at Aeon Mall, Narita

I'm not in Jakarta yet, I have to stay 1 night layover in Japan. My hotel is still around the Narita airport area which is pretty much like the suburb of Tokyo. I got here at 3pm Japan time and I was trying to find something to do to kill the time at least for a couple of hours. The hotel concierge suggested me to go to Aeon Mall which is according to him it is a popular place for people during layover to spend their time and go shopping. So, half sleep walking I agreed to the overly polite concierge, nice guy thou. I just realized I do bow down here and there automatically and saying "arigatou" (thank you sumimasen" (execuse me ) all the time, well I was trying to adapt, besides the jet lag was hammering my head. So i went to the mall and got dissapointed, IT looks like CHICAGO SUBURB MALL!!!! This is not the Japan I remember (ok I was 5 last time I came here). Ok now they have Claire's, Starbucks, Sports Authority???? and the fashion??? Almost pretty dissapointing also some of them looks like forever 21 and Abercombie and Fitch kind of style...hmm maybe this is because it is located in the suburb of Tokyo.....oh well but I had a good time at MUJI (picture above). I've been always obssesed with MUJI since I was in Highschool. Almost all of my stationary I got from MUJI. I still have the aluminum pencil case and mechanical pencil. While I was waiting for the shuttle to pick me up back to the hotel, I sat infront of MUJI store and staring at this huge poster (see above picture again). Look for the asian guy on the right side of the picture, second row from front (the one without glasses), wearing the sweater with snowman on it. Isn't he adorably HOT????? *smitten* I bet I was drewling all over the place, smiling like an idiot and half sleeping at the same time. Whatever, I am a stranger here and no one knows me, i hope... Ahhh....another long flight tomorrow. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

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