Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Manolo Blahnik Store in Dubai by DNA

Pics Via Data Nature
Alright people, we might think that just because Kristina Blahnik has a DNA connection with Manolo (he is her uncle) then she got to do all of his stores. Well, first of all, I love her her firm's name DNA (no pun intended), abbreviation from Data Nature Associate. Her and her partner Nicholas Leith-Smith are using scientific datas from the nature as basic concept for their project. Pretty neat eh? I love the picture where they utilize the beehive partition as part of the merchandising display. Also I'm liking the clusters of Tom Dixon's pendants collection (Stout and beat) they use for this Dubai store, they resembles the bees. Pstt.... I am currently using these pendants too for my current project. Just a coincidence, I swear! Ooohh.....Great minds thinks alike ;)


  1. Thank you for the comments! Have you seen the shop we designed in Harvey Nichols, Jakarta???

    The inspiration of this shop was inspired by local weaving such as rice cake containers - ketupats, furniture, and the envelope of vernacular building.

  2. hey thats cool! I love the shop you guys did at Jakarta Harvey Nicks too! smart! apparently you guys did your homework research really well! ;) let us know if you ever visiting Jakarta or Bali, we would love to talk to you guys.