Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hedgehog Building by Moxon Architects

Images Via Travel With Frank Gehry

The Hedgehog building by UK based Moxon Architects. Location: Preston, Lancashire, North West of England. They called the "spikes" as fins, which not only used for aesthetic reason but also serve as protection from the sun and rain. Life is so funny. I had similar idea for one of my restaurant project to create this "hedgehog" look. But I was going to be using chopsticks for the "spikes"and it was going to be for ceiling application. After a really long-deep-thinking, we decided to nixed the idea and went with something else. But I loooooovveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how this building look, expecially it looks slightly different it depends where you are standing. To read and see more photos for this project click here.

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