Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Doily Craze

Shadow Doily Via Panoko
I know, I know...! I might have a little granny inside me coz doilies are one of my fav things in the world. They are so preeeettyyyy no? They are so feminime, sweet, delicate and intricate. Look how much love someone put to make these pretty things. Below are some fab stuffs using doilies as inspiration or the doilies itself. I'm feeling the love.....

Romantic doily dress made from vintage doilies. Hmmm...Genius idea! I might want to make one myself. Via gianacali.
My fav doily I used for several of my past projects, Bruges Lace by Mokum Textiles. Gorgeous isn't it?
Doily Drape idea Via Cabinet of Curiosities
Another cool idea recycling your granny's doily collection :)
Simon Periton Modern Doily Sclupture Via Paper Scissors Stone

Doily Card Via Etsy Love

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  1. Hello! Love your blog...
    I also love doilies, I've been making garments from them lately, you can see them on ebay-

    seller- mistymountainmosaics

    Cheers, Julie Australia