Wednesday, March 18, 2009

out of the cupboard- Jo Meesters

Picture Via Jo Meesters

It is a very fresh approach to re-invent the look of an old funiture by a young Dutch industrial designer, Jo Meesters. I love his sensitivity and unpretentious approach in his designs. His work values the importance of nature, craftmanships and back to basic values. I saw a lot of honesty, down-to-earth approach and sophisticated details consistently in all of them. Click here to see more of his work. In some ways he does romanticizes some aspect but in a very suble way which makes it beautiful. Below is a quote of his concept.

"The basic principle of Jo Meester’s work is sustainability. By integrating various aspects of craftsmanship, sophistication, and detailing, Meesters aims to imbue his projects and products with an emotional value. In this way, he emphasises his commitment to the creation and perception of a bond between object and user.back..." (via

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  1. The cupboard looks nice. Thanks for sharing the link, will definitely go and check out more of his work.