Monday, March 16, 2009

Taipei Performing Arts Center Building Proposal- NL Architects

Images Via Laissez Faire
I love the purity if this proposed design submitted by NL Architects for Taipei Performing Arts Building. I can imagine myself standing the middle of the plaza observing at my surrounding as if the interaction between the visitors and the building interior as a performance. It would be fun too looking at the building elevator going up and down from the exterior. Even thou at the end OMA won the project, I still think NL's proposal is more poetic and has a better concept serving it's purpose as a performing arts building. AND PREETIER TOOO!!!! Sorry Kolhaas this time your design doesn't do anything to me. In my opinion OMA's building proposal looks way too stubby and clumsy looking...hmmpphh.... See more of the beautiful NL Architects proposal here.

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  1. That's sooo freaking awesome! Love the stark white.