Friday, March 20, 2009

Swarovski Crystal Light Switch -jewelry for the wall.

Image Via Trendir
Swarovski crystal light switch sounds way too over-the-top and unnecessary? Especially now? Hmmm....let's see what we learned from the past. Chanel accessories, lipsticks and perfumes were sold like hot cakes during the depression-era. Little luxuries like this helps us going through hard times. Well my dearest, that is just a little-theory of mine. This precious little jewelry for the wall is that little luxury add that little "ooohhh and ahhhhh" affect in our "humble-little- mansion". You dont need much, just a nice pristine wall as it's background. Especially while you are entertaining, you could brag a little and say something like " Oh, Mon Dieu, it is so dark in here! Let me turn on the light dears! et Voila!" *wink wink* Manufactured by a German manufacture Berker, which means quality and this light switch would last a life time. Might be another family heirloom for your future grandchilden? A...oui??? See more images here.

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