Monday, September 7, 2009

Calatrava Blues

Pics by 181st Child/ Domisilium Studio
These pictures was taken when I was still in design school. Me and a friend went to Milwaukee to see Milwaukee Art Museum for a research on Santiago Calatrava's work. It was for Advance Detailing class we HAD to take. I remember very very well that class. I also remember how cute it was to have a crush on some rockstar Architect like Calatrava. I still find him pretty hot now hehehe.....Today I have this nostalgic feeling about when I was a student. I was a dreamer, full of energy, life and hungry for knowledge. Everything you see seems to be very cool. My eyes were so easy to please. Now, we are all in professional world and we tend to forgot those excitements. I always look at this picture whenever I'm in need for some "jolt" of life. I love the blue colors on these pictures, even thou the original building was all white, but anyhoooo....this is a perfect memory I want to preserve. I have to be young and alive at heart no matter what. Don't we all need to feel that way Dahhliinngsss??? Ahh...I need to purchase some more potions, these dark circles are bugging me. Toodles!


  1. wow! that place is amazing! i really need to hop on train and head up there! great photos!

  2. yes you should get there early so you can see how the wings opens-up. Yes the building's wings can move! it was gorgeous!