Saturday, September 19, 2009

LAKA-LÉKÉ - A Hideaway Restaurant in Ubud, Bali

Hello dahlings....A couple of days after a relaxing mini vacay in Bali, one of our clients demanded an impromptu business trip to Singapore due to "rush-in" earlier construction schedule. Exhausted, with sun-burned shoulders, tanned and glowing ;) off we went to Singapore VIA BATAM!! Can you believe that? The client couldn't find us a better ticket because of the Idul Fitri weekend. Normally it took us 1.5 hour on a direct flight from Jakarta but this time it took us 6 hours!!! Having to have to fly to Batam first then taking the Ferry to Singapore put us in a "not so peachy mood" but hey we decided to NOT get stressed, take the "Chill Pill", in other words we are taking our own sweet time not to mention the delays, etc. (ps: watching BRUNO on flights is not the smartest idea but we needed the laugh. We switched to 2nd season of True Bloods after we reached our teary eyed laughing quota). Anyhooooo....This is why it took me a week to be able to post about Bali.
FYI I'm in LOVE with Bali once all over again. Just like when the first time I went there years ago. This time, we went to one of my most fav places, Lake-Leke. It is basically just a simply gorgeous outdoor concept restaurant in the middle of lush green rice paddy field in Ubud by The Monkey Forest area.
Welcome to Laka-Leke!!
The name itself means Hideaway. It was a perfect hideaway for me.
We were welcomed by this little guy at the entrance of the property.

My new fav drink. A new take on the classic Hot Toddy. We ordered them as Iced Hot Toddy and it was divine!!!

The Famous Crispy Duck Rice. The best!
Half a duck steamed in Balinese spices, then deep fried until crispy. Served with white rice and Lawar; a steamed mixed vegetable with coconut shreds and fragrant spices.

Imagine taking a nap surrounded by this? On a warm sunny day, soft breeze carresing your face. What more you could ask?

So, I TOTALLY recomend this place if you arein Bali. This is what you have to do while you are there during lunch time, in order! but not necessarily:
1. Take a table on one of the Bale-bales (one of the Balinese style pavilions) so you can seat lotus style. Seating on balinese "tatami" so you can recline after a hefty meal. Balinese are famous for knowing how to live well, they are one of the coolest and chillest people on earth ;)
2. Order the Iced Hot Toddy to cool down the heat in your body.
3. Order the Famous Crispy Duck. Be ready to eat with your fingers, don't use utensils. Wash your hands first ofcourse. It is yummier this way!
4. Get the house specialty of Black Rice Pudding for dessert, we couln't get our paws on this dessert because they were sold-out but I heard people are raving about it.
5. Enjoy the feast in the middle of green rice paddy field. Our pavilion was next to a lotus pond as well with some blooming lotus flowers in it. The woman who waited our table really cool as well, you can ask them so many questions. We had a pretty interesting discussion about the restaurant's concept and background.
6. Recline on the Bale bale, after the feast. Close your eyes and take a nap. feel the soft breeze carresing your face and hear the birds chirps, in the meddle of the quite rice paddy field. AAAAhhh....this is my CHILLEX pill, my catnip...pprrrr......
Here is the address of Laka-Leke you happen to be in the Bali hood:
Nyuh Kuning
Ubud, Bali 80571
phn: +62 361 977565
ps: Pictures above was taken by my partner in crime, an architect, my business partner and a dear friend of mine, Hamphrey Tedja.

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