Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some Anthropologie Re-education

pics via Anthropologie
It is the beginning of September now and I'm in a transition where I got confuse with how fashion works over here in Jakarta after spending so many years living in 4 season country. I've been wearing a lots of caftan tops, summer dresses, jeans and T-shirts since February and I'm in need to re-educate myself in my wardrobe management system. I miss my yummy sweaters and scarves in cool Autumn weather. Ahh.....So my solution for this dilema is to wear my simple linen dresses with these statement pieces to cheer me up. Look at Anthropologie's fall jewelries collection this year, they are just stunning. And the color would still works for a warmer holiday season over here.
ps: my other resolution would be peeking our neighbour, Australia, for some fashion inspiration. That would be an interesting research. Some beach days in December wouldn't hurt at all ;) Sidney, be prepared I might come over there soon enough!

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