Sunday, November 1, 2009

Alfalfa Studio Pays Tribute to The Late King of Pop

Our mascot is a thriller from alfalfa studio on Vimeo.

My dear friend Nigel works for Alfalfa Studio in SOHO, NY. I never never seen Nigel dance before and I knew him from waaayyyyy back when he was still a freshmen in college. This is awesome!!I found this pretty funny and impressive Hey I would work for Alfalfa Studio if I'm not self employed yet, they look like a very fun crowd to work with!!! Come-on who would dance in the middle of husling bustling SOHO area which involves the whole office crew? Hats-off to Nigel's co-workers who are wicked cool that y'all know how to make him dance. Damn boy! You actually know how to move your tushie! Note to self: Domisilium studio will have to hire the cool designers only in the future. I might brought this up in our monday morning meeting ;)

ps: do you wanna know which one is Mr.Nigel? he is the Asian guy on the second row.

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  1. Dang! Santi!

    you should join us Dancing for our next video if you happen to be in NY.

    BTW, Alfalfa studio is moving to a new space. I'll show you some pictures when the space is done ... it's looking very SoHo I must say. :P