Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is it too early to write a letter to Santa?

Dear Santa,
I know maybe this is too early to write to you. Thanksgiving is 4 days away and then it will be Christmas before you know it. So I just want to write to you earlier before I got busy drinking and all that holiday stuffs going on. Well, I know that I have been behaving BAD this year, realllll bad like I curse like there is no tomorrow. Even sailors are scared of me. And also there are other things that you don't even want to know, like...uhmm...really you don't want to know!. Anyway. So, I would like to propose you something. Please think about this. I will be a very very good girl next year IF you get me these new HOT Prada blings. I know it is a pretty scary time this year with the bears and the bulls going up and down at the stock market, but really these blings only costs from $200-$800 each and you can get them over here easy! Just click
here. No elves needed. See I really think about you. Oh please Sweet Santa, or else......Mrs.Claus....will never see a single daylight ever again! HA! *Owh...hold-on there's not a lot of daylight anyway at the north pole right? oops.....* anyway Santa see below, they are so prettttyyyyyyyyy.......

181st Child

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